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07. Apr. 22

The first Expo Day was full of exciting news about upcoming releases and new Atlassian features. Of course, we do not want to hide these from you.

What is new and coming soon?


  • Share content in teams instead of just to specific people.
  • No Code-Automations
  • 53% faster page loads
  • Follow people and check the popular feed to see what your company is talking about.
  • Use your personal space for creating and ideating. There is always a stage where you don’t want to share your pages company wide.
  • Create charts from data automatically and choose from various chart design options.
  • Presenter mode in Confluence: There is no longer a reason to push content into PowerPoint. With presenter mode your source of truth becomes your interactive presentation.
  • Playful features such as emojis bring more humanity in work and pages are more understand and loved.
  • Partnership with Microsoft: Microsoft Teams will be the first to embed confluence pages. With the new integration you can create and work on confluence without leaving a conversation. Spend more time to work instead of planning to work.

Jira & Trello:

  • Performance is getting 30% faster.
  • Convert emails and slack messages into tasks.
  • Lists, calendars, timelines, and boards as views for business teams in Jira Work Management.
  • Bring business and software teams together with Jira Work Management and Jira Software. Status updates in Jira Work Management are reflected to software teams in Jira Software. Jira Work Management is free for everyone already using Jira Software.

Atlassian Cloud:

  • 50K users per instance
  • Standardized data management to meet all data standards across locations and industries.
  • FedRAMP, BYOK Encryption will be added soon.

When it comes to data residency, Atlassian right now manages data in four regions. At the same time, data will also be managed in UK, Germany, Japan, and Canada in the future to make it even easier for customers to adapt cloud solutions.

Atlassian Data Lake - Data Geeks will love it!

Atlassian has created a brand-new Analytics Hub. In early Access, data was aggregated from Jira and Confluence. Soon, the data can also be accessed via tools such as Power Bi.

The Analytics Hub provides the following functions:

  • Custom reports
  • Ready-to-use dashboards
  • Simple no-code interface
  • Combine data from Atlassian products with other tools to bring your whole data chain together.

The Analytics Hub is now available as early access program for all cloud customers.

The new product Atlas brings teams together

Atlas makes it as easy to track across the whole tool chain. Atlas connects teams, departments, and entire companies. Thus, Atlassian allows teams to work differently, together. Read more about how Atlas fills a big gap in the work management market on our blog.

Compass helps software teams to get work done

The new product Compass empowers software teams to easily integrate third party tools, display relevant data, manage APIs and even more. Learn more about it in our previous blog post or at the Atlassian website.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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