Our partnership with Caelor

Partners help us optimise and customise your Atlassian experience. Our exclusive partnership with Caelor allows us to to develop apps specifically for your needs
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Why we cooperate with Caelor

Caelor is a globally active company in the field of software development, which has specialised in the development of Atlassian apps. Caelor pursues the clear goal of closing the gap between Atlassian Data Center and cloud applications. Through versatile app extensions, Caelor wants to make the cloud instance even more attractive. The extensions sustainably improve the customer experience and simplify collaboration for teams. Caelor's apps not only strengthen the dialogue within the team, but also enable intuitive, authentic and organised customer management. At venITure, we believe that app development can sustainably improve working life. This is exactly why we work closely with Caelor. Together, we ensure that Atlassian Cloud products can be used in a user-friendly and customer-oriented way.
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Caelor apps ease the burden of everyday worklife

connecting your systems with Atlassian cloud products
extensive reporting functionality
numerous formatting possibilities for a better UX
reducing the administrative and adjustment effort
optimising the customer and service management

Caelor apps improve the cooperation within your teams

simplify the communication and interaction between divers teams
break up the barriers within your teams
gamification approach to increase employee motivation
optimisation of project and task management
corporate branding for Atlassian tools
facilitating mobile working




One app for your macros needs. This app is combining all necessary macros and the vendor is open to any suggestion.

Trophies for Confluence

Bring Gamification aspects to Confluence and motivate your user to generate more content.

Cards & Panels

Highlight your content with user-friendly formatting macros.

Trophies for Jira

Bring Gamification aspects on your Confluence instance. This motivates your user to generate more content.


One app for your macros needs. This app is combining all necessary macros and the vendor is open to any suggestion.
Caelor App Development

Custom app development with Caelor

We not only market the apps developed independently by Caelor, but are also supported by Caelor to develop individual apps for our clients. By offering a "Sponsored Development", we ensure a strong customer focus and can thus purposefully make the work in the team even easier. Together with our partner, we extend the Atlassian Cloud products with small but influential features. When developing custom apps, Caelor takes over the development and maintenance of the apps. Through the exclusive cooperation of venITure and Caelor in the area of development, you can access the many years of experience of Atlassian developers at a reasonable price.

Your advantages in app development 

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Unique user experience

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Clear app interface 

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High user friendliness

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High quality through a comprehensive test phase

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Continuous optimisation & maintenance of your app 

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High reliability and security

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24/7 support through venITure and Caelor 

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Data security

Extend Atlassian tools with apps 

We would be glad to advise you on how to tailor your Atlassian products to your individual needs. Together with our partners Caelor, we find and develop the best apps for you.
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