Digital knowledge management with Confluence

Know-how is a company's most valuable resource. It is therefore important to manage this digitally and make it accessible throughout the company.
Know-how is a company's most valuable resource. It is therefore important to manage this digitally and make it accessible throughout the company
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Efficient knowledge management is therefore important

Knowledge management, internationally known primarily as knowledge management, comprises the collection, transfer, storage and administration of knowledge and information within a company. With today's requirements, knowledge can hardly be managed centrally. Large companies in particular are often faced with the challenge of making information accessible to everyone and not losing employee knowledge. It is therefore important that employees can independently share their knowledge with one another. With the help of efficient knowledge management in the company, internal company processes can be mapped, controlled, planned and optimized as well as information shared, disseminated, expanded and, above all, used. Successful knowledge management is an important part of a learning organization and contributes significantly to the continuous improvement process. The intensification of the exchange of knowledge between employees promotes the ability of each individual to act. At the same time, the company can convert individual employee knowledge into collective company knowledge. An active knowledge culture also strengthens corporate management, reduces error rates, optimizes processes and strengthens communication. A central information and communication platform is essential for this. This helps employees to access information and to find quick solutions.
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Our solution for efficient knowledge management

The Atlassian Software Confluence is the most powerful knowledge management software and therefore forms the basis for digital knowledge management. With Confluence, an active knowledge culture can be designed and the knowledge of the organization can be maintained in a structured manner in a central location. In this way, every employee can draw on everyone's existing wealth of experience at any time and bring in new information (know-how transfer). Another advantage of Confluence is that information from different sources (e.g. Jira, Trello or other tools) can be brought together.

This is what digital knowledge management with Confluence looks like

Confluence can be used as an intranet, information platform (Wiki) and even as a document management system. There is also the option of setting up Confluence as a quality management system or as a knowledge base for customer support. Confluence is designed to be adapted to special requirements. In general, Confluence as knowledge management software is characterized by the following aspects:
Easier and faster access: Confluence is a web-based tool that is platform and location independent
Intuitive usability thanks to the WYSIWYG editor and the clear user interface
Convenient search function that not only searches pages but also files
Collaborative collaboration through the collaborative editing function
Quality assurance through the creation and integration of templates
Comprehensive role and rights concept

Perfectly tailored to you

We can also adapt and expand Confluence to your individual requirements at any time. With apps and macros, we can quickly expand Confluence and adapt it to your individual needs. Interfaces to other systems such as Sharepoint or Google Drive can also be created.

Why should you establish digital knowledge management with Atlassian and venITure?

The Atlassian software Confluence provides numerous functions for managing and sharing knowledge and information and therefore forms an ideal basis for expanding knowledge management in the company. Our certified Confluence administrators are not only familiar with the tool, but can also fall back on many years of experience and comprehensive best practices. For us, your individual needs and wishes are always the focus of a solution. We help you to integrate a successful knowledge management and tailor Confluence perfectly to you.

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