Digitization for educational institutions

Know-how is a company's most valuable resource. It is therefore important to manage this digitally and make it accessible throughout the company.
In today's world, the digitization of public institutions, especially educational institutions, is essential to successfully shape the future
Educational institution

Digitization in schools and other educational institutions

The pandemic-related exceptional situation during Covid-19 has made it clear to us how important the digitization of state institutions is. The digitization of schools is not only important for designing lessons according to the current state of the art, but also a prerequisite for fulfilling the educational mandate. With the DigitalPakt Schule (Digital Pact for Schools), the Federal Government has already made financial resources available to solve this challenge in the long term. At the same time, we have developed a solution to efficiently and successfully implement the project "Digitization of Education". 

Whether you call it University 4.0 or digital transformation of education: All colleges, universities, research institutions and institutions of further education have a high demand for reliable, secure and easy-to-manage digital infrastructure. 

Digitization of schools

With the products Jira and Confluence, Atlassian offers an ideal foundation for enabling digital collaboration. Joint work on documents and group work are made possible by Confluence. With Jira, homework can be distributed digitally to the students - including deadlines and personal feedback. Students also learn to organize themselves by being able to create their own boards to work on their assignments and projects. At this point, Jira acts as a digital housekeeping booklet.

Of course, teachers can also use Jira Software to plan their lessons, create timetables, plan substitutions, etc. Extensive security features allow visibility to be set individually so that content is visible either to specific teams or to individual teachers and students.


Together with Atlassian, we offer so-called classroom licenses. A classroom license is specially designed for the use of Jira and Confluence by students. The license is even free for hosting on-premise! Only 25% of the total price is charged for using the Atlassian Cloud instances. In addition to the classroom licenses, we can also apply for academic status for you as a teacher or educational institution. With this status, the licenses can also be used outside the classroom, so that a smooth digital experience can be guaranteed between everyday life and school hours.
Digitization process

This is how everyday digital school life works

Every student receives access to the relevant Atlassian products. Each student can work on their tasks digitally, individually or in groups. Depending on the type of task, the form of processing (group or individual work) can be determined in advance by the teachers in Confluence. The specific task to be solved is assigned to the students with Jira. It is also possible to share tasks with a whole class or with individual groups. If the students have any questions, they can interact with the teachers at any time using the comment function.

Why you should start your project with venITure & Atlassian

venITure is the leading Atlassian Solution Partner in the EMEA region. Our certified consultants have in-depth knowledge of Atlassian tools and have many years of experience in the digitization of companies. We use our empirical values ​​and best practices effectively to digitize education as well. The Atlassian tools Jira and Confluence have already proven themselves to be the best collaboration and task platforms in the private sector and are also suitable for the digitization of educational institutions.


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