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Know-how is a company's most valuable resource. It is therefore important to manage this digitally and make it accessible throughout the company.
Atlassian Apps complement the great tools Jira, Confluence and Forge. With the help of the apps, we create a unique user experience for you
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That's why you should consider to enhance your Atlassian products

In our daily communication with international customers, we have found out time and again that everyone writes their success story differently. Each team has its own definition of success and individual tools and strategies to achieve precisely these success goals. In response to the various requirements, the Atlassian Marketplace provides numerous apps. This allows software teams to adapt and expand the functions of Atlassian products. By specifically coordinating the application with individual use cases, we can make team collaboration even more efficient. Our self-developed apps are a big part of the success story of the Atlassian Marketplace. We are therefore encouraged to continue expanding and customizing Atlassian tools through apps and to establish new system interfaces.

We offer sponsored app development with great partners

As part of our IT consulting, we and our partners offer you numerous apps that tailor your Atlassian tools perfectly to your needs. We also work very closely with the software developer Caelor to make you an individual software offer. As part of the sponsored app development, we work with Caelor to develop apps according to your needs. Great developers with many years of expertise are available to us at exclusive prices. At the same time, our partners ensure the continuous maintenance and further development of the apps. This offering is a great way for you to work with specialist Atlassian developers at low cost. We promise you great apps that are specially tailored to your needs!
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Macro Suite

An app for your macro needs. This app combines all the necessary macros and the provider even offers macros to be created for your individual needs.

Translator for Confluence

Do you have content in multiple languages in your Confluence instance? Then the built-in integration will help you...

Trophies for Confluence

Bring gamification aspects into Confluence and motivate your users...

Workflows for

Implement guidelines and improve the quality of your documents with a document control process...

News Teaser for Confluence

Publish important news on your confluence pages so that everyone is informed. Measure...

Polls for Confluence

Create polls to gain insight into your team with a survey . Helps to create surveys...

Table Filter and Charts for Confluence

Get more control and functions for your spreadsheet. Visualize ...

draw.io Diagrams
for Confluence

Create diagrams, mind maps or flow charts. It's easy to use...

PlantUML Diagrams
For Confluence

Create PlantUML images for your Confluence pages. You can do anything...

Theme Creator-Build your theme

Create custom themes for your instance. You can turn your cloud platform experience into one...


Create a table to display issues in it so that you have an overview of issues related to the selected issue.

vLinks - Easy Issue Linking

Preview your linked issues by selecting them with a JQL filter...

Trophies for Jira

Bring gamification aspects to your Confluence instance. This motivates your users...

Email This Issue

Stay in touch with everyone inside and outside your company. Send output to an email client without the context.

Zephyr for Jira - Test Management

Stay in touch with everyone inside and outside your company. Send...

Planning Poker ®

With this app you can communicate within a Scrum team with up to 30 participants and also remotely within Jira...

draw.io Diagrams
For Jira

The leading diagram app lets you create or edit diagrams, mockups, wireframes and more...

Tempo Timesheets-Time Tracking & Reports

With the time recording and planning solution, you can make projects more structured...

eazyBI Reports and Charts for Jira Cloud

Base decisions on data-driven facts and meaningful reports...

Extension for Jira Service Management

Help agents and customers make the request creation and handling process easier...

Microsoft 365 for Jira

One app for seamless teamwork: Get started with your full-scale integration between Microsoft 365 and Jira. Connect Microsoft Outlook, Teams and To Do with Jira and smoothly work with the tools you need.

The best apps for you

Contact us so we can help you to find the right apps for your business. No matter what application you use and what requirements you have, we will find the ideal app for you. We also help you to integrate apps and work with them. No app meets your requirements yet? Then our development team will be happy to assist you! Together we create an app that is individually developed according to your needs.

Why work with venITure and Atlassian?

Great team work begins with great tools. Atlassian and venITure help teams, find individual solutions and plan, discuss and resolve tasks together.
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