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Know-how is a company's most valuable resource. It is therefore important to manage this digitally and make it accessible throughout the company.
Enable high-velocity ITSM with Jira Service management, the next generation Service Desk.
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It's time to spice up your ITSM

Service management for internal and external customers is a challenge for you because received service requests are unstructured? Many businesses make use of historically grown support email distributors and service hotlines to triage service requests to employees. Simultaneously service requests are being sent to known employees, to faster receive an answer. The main challenge in this scenario is not losing focus, ensuring an overview, and preventing the same service requests from being processed multiple times. Simultaneously this challenge presents itself as a major opportunity for your business: by optimizing the service management processes you can not only increase efficiency, but also overall customer and employee satisfaction.

Service management software that promises exactly this is often neither intuitive nor does it enable dialog with the customer. This leads to support communication taking place simultaneously while processing the service request.  requirements for ITSM software have vastly increased over the past years. Digital communication has taken a front-row position and international studies have shown that customers wish for a simple web portal, to raise service requests and to communicate easily and quickly with the customer service.

What does IT-Service
Management (ITSM) means?

What does IT-Service Management (ITSM) mean?

In most businesses the IT-Support offer is being diversified into two areas: "Help Desk" and "Service Desk". While the "Help Desk" manages acute incidents or solutions, the "Service Desk" contributes to further services such as supplying employees with IT infrastructure. 
ITSM on the other hand defines the evolution of support to a more powerful customer, user, and service orientation. Service management is being understood as service that should guarantee high customer satisfaction.

Our ITSM solution for your business

The solution developed by venITure unites the requirements of "Help Desk" and "Service Desk" with the standards for ITSM. With aid of Jira Service Management as ITSM Software, IT-Service tools, as well as platforms for the areas of HR, sales, marketing, legal, facility management, and vehicle fleet management can be developed. The potential use cases for using Jira as an ITSM tool are practically limitless.
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Quick service management

Our ITSM solution for your company is a "ready-to-start" system, since our partnership with Atlassian, we have access to cloud-based ITSM software. We customize Jira Service Management to your individual needs: a Service Desk can be set up for all departments and is scalable at any time.

Visualization & prioritization of all tasks

With Atlassian's ITSM software, you can track tasks across the enterprise and link different processes together. At the same time, the ticket system provides structured request forms, so that all the relevant information can already be queried when a service request is created. The request is then immediately forwarded to the relevant department. This avoids the duplicate processing of requests and enables the focus on individual tasks. In our ITSM tool, you can prevent dead ends by maintaining a ticket status.

Safe & reliable processes

The ITSM system has an asset management system, which maps all the dependencies in the system infrastructure. In addition, individual assets can be managed to resolve problems quickly and reduce the impact of changes on downstream areas. In addition, this ITSM solution has full incident management, so that escalation levels of services can be managed.

Automation of processes

By using automation, the productivity, as well as the quality of your team's work, is increased by reducing repetitive manual efforts. Our ITSM solution offers you various templates for the automation of service processes. Individual automation rules can be created in the IT service management tool without code and without scripting.

Simpler service level management

With the SLA function integrated in the ITSM software, you can ensure that your service employees report only times agreed with your customer as part of the service level agreements. Automatic prioritization of tickets based on the agreed SLAs means that customers with a higher service level receive prioritized processing in the queue.

Integrated knowledge management

By linking Jira Service Management with Confluence, you take the first step towards a self-service desk. Using Confluence, information can be easily managed and linked to tickets. When creating a service request in the Jira Ticket System, a search function can automatically suggest a suitable help article. This way, you can prevent service requests from being created for trivial problems.

Link Dev and Ops

The ITSM tool Jira was originally used primarily in software development. Today, development teams still benefit from this history. The integration of audit trails enables every change to be recorded and checked before deployment. This type of quality management allows us to add individual value for our customers on the one hand and control risk on the other. The integration of audit trails can be done directly with Bitbucket Pipelines from Atlassian or through other CI/CD tools.

More than out of the box

There are no limits to the power of Jira Service Management in the area of agile working, corporate branding, automations, etc. By extending the ITSM software with a variety of apps or by programming individual functions, we can tailor the tool perfectly to your needs and integrate it into your company. For an efficient integration, we recommend linking your ITSM solution with the existing system landscape. Jira Service Management can be linked with popular tools such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Outlook, or Salesforce.

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Why ITSM with Atlassian Cloud & venITure

The combination of Atlassian tools and venITure's expertise as an Atlassian Enterprise and Platinum Partner forms the ideal foundation for implementing your individual ITSM requirements and integrating and migrating them into your existing system infrastructure. In doing so, we always guarantee reliable results at low operating costs. The use of Atlassian products is scalable at any time and can thus lead to an increase in performance across departments.
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