Our ISMS solution guarantees data security

Know-how is a company's most valuable resource. It is therefore important to manage this digitally and make it accessible throughout the company.
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That's why you need an ISMS

The EU's General Data Protection Regulation calls on companies to establish a data management system. Companies of all sizes and in every industry face an immense regulatory and documentation effort. Our ISMS solution helps you to set up procedures and rules within your organization. Our consultants help you to define, manage, control, maintain and continuously improve information security.
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Minimizing IT risks
Data access for authorized persons
Complete and correct management of your data
Data security as a competitive advantage
Compliance verifiability vis-à-vis authorities and customers (Section 91 (2) AktG)
Check the effectiveness of the implemented measures
Liability reduction
Regular review of information security risks (e.g. through internal and external audits)
ISO 27001 certificate + (ISO 9001)

Our ISMS solution for your business

venITure offers an ISMS solution based on Confluence. It is a centrally managed framework that enables you to manage, monitor, review, and improve your information security practices in a single place. Our ISMS based on Confluence is based on the PDCA cycle. In this way we ensure that we can react to constantly changing framework conditions. Security is a process that must be continuously improved. Of course, we take all of your individual security requirements into account.
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Our ISMS solution based on the PDCA cycle includes regulations, contracts, work processes and other business processes as well as IT systems and data processing structures. This includes, for example, internal regulations for policy management, risk management, IT emergency and crisis management. In addition, information on the structure of the organization (roles and committees) and processes (security processes) are recorded. At the same time, the ISMS contains all process definitions and instructions. In addition, legally compliant recording and collaboration with partners, suppliers and service providers is made possible.
Set up ISMS: determine security goals and strategies, define information security policy and determine measures
PDCA Circle
Implementation and operation of the ISMS: Implement, manage and control security measures
Maintaining and improving the ISMS: react to errors, weak points and changed environmental conditions
Monitoring and checking the ISMS: checking effectiveness, meaningfulness and compliance with the security measures


This is how we implement your ISMS with Confluence

Uniform and clearly structured forms

We use various apps for Confluence to create individual templates. This is how we make sure that you don't lose any important data while creating pages. We can also simplify or fully automate individual process steps.
Security Incident Template

Avoid Mistakes and risks

We create workflows for you to ensure that information can be provided correctly. This makes every document a reliable and trustworthy source.
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Read receipt

Do you want to ensure that documents, especially important information, are read? We provide mechanisms that enable you to track who has read your documents. The "read receipt" function can also be integrated into automated workflows.
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Why work with venITure and Atlassian?

With Confluence as the basis for your ITSM, we fall back on the most innovative knowledge database. We provide you with workflows and templates that enable you to use high-performance document management and process control. We implement our ISMS solution in your organization, taking into account your individual requirements in addition to the applicable security standards.


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