ITSM and ITIL with Jira Service Management

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04. Jan. 22

Atlassian is a recognized leader in ITSM as per Gartner's Magic Quadrant. In 2020, Atlassian announced the next evolution of Jira Service Desk (Jira Service Management), demonstrating a clear move towards a seamless DevOps Chain, an expansion of service management, and a rich ecosystem designed for the DevOps era. 

Atlassian products are consistently updated with new features for greater agility. This move supports better alignment with ITIL processes using Jira software, including change management, asset management, and more.

In this article, we'll explore what that means for Jira software users and ITIL novices.

What Is the Information Technology Infrastructure Library? 

As organizations increasingly rely on technology to power their operations, IT teams are becoming true business partners. The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (particularly the newest version of ITIL—ITIL4) provides a framework for IT teams to efficiently support businesses without compromising or complicating their existing IT workstreams. 

In essence, it's a template for modern businesses to implement Information Technology Service Management protocols that deliver more value through greater efficiencies during the life cycle of their services. When IT and business functions align, everyone benefits. 

What is the difference between ITIL and ITSM practices? 

ITIL and ITSM processes may be similar in some ways, but they are two very different things. ITSM (IT Service Management) can be defined as how IT operations teams manage the delivery of IT services to customers, including all the processes and activities used to create, manage, deliver, and support IT services in the organization. ITSM essentially functions on the premise that IT should be provided as an accessible service that resolves issues quickly.

ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) is a set of best practices and principles that outline how a business must implement ITSM tools. We can define ITIL as the guidelines that assist companies with implementing their ITSM activities. 

Jira Service Management enables customers to use ITIL processes in five critical areas of ITSM solutions, including the customer portal, incident management, change enablement, knowledge sharing, and reporting. 

Why Should Your Organization Use ITIL?

ITIL enables a transparent capability model that aligns with business strategy and customer needs through rapid service delivery, which helps companies and team members gain optimal value from IT services.

Some of the benefits of ITIL include:

Creates a Stronger Alignment Between IT and the Business

With businesses becoming more dependent on IT, utilizing a common framework eliminates the need for lengthy and strenuous learning cycles. It allows geographically dispersed teams to work together seamlessly and deliver excellent service.

Improved Service Delivery and Cusomer Satisfaction

Team members get frustrated waiting on their internal helpdesk to revert on issues escalated to the appropriate department. Transparency through a system that is easy to use and access would empower employees since they know those to approach for a solution from the start. ITIL saves time, improves productivity, and reduces overhead costs. 

Reduced Costs Through Improved Utilization of Resources

ITIL uses availability management techniques that allow CIO to examine SLAs, often to save costs by detecting services purchased but underutilized. They also enable companies to better understand services that are most appropriate for their needs and those that should be discontinued. Switching to less expensive yet more effective solutions would reduce overhead costs while enhancing the service received. 

Greater Visibility of IT Costs and Assets

Vendor and asset audits can reveal unnecessary spending or over-specified network links. Greater visibility over your total asset inventory, configurations, user bases, and profiles reveal areas for savings and unnecessary spendings that may have previously gone undetected. 

More Stable Service Environment to Support Constant Business Change

One of the primary benefits of ITIL is that organizations can scale without compromising their infrastructure or systems. If dependability on hardware and systems is high in a business, scaling can cause significant disruption. An ITIL-aligned service desk makes for easier transitions, eliminates redundancies, and improves resource utilization. 

Improved Efficiencies

ITIL is designed to improve service quality, turnarounds, and resolution timeframes. Proactive support and practical blueprints keep employees, users, and customers happy. 

Is Jira Service Management ITIL compliant?

Atlassian’s Jira Service Management is ITIL certified in four processes; Request Fulfillment, Incident Management, Problem Management, and Change Management. Jira Service Desk can fully support these ITIL processes and has met the (very high) standards for certification. 

How to Implement ITIL With Jira Service Management

Atlassian’s JSM is a modern ITSM solution that allows for the implementation of ITIL best practices. Here is how it can be implemented: 

IT Asset Management 

IT Asset Management or ITAM ensures that all of the organization's assets are accounted for, deployed, maintained and upgraded, and eventually disposed of at the right time. The Insight Feature for Jira Service Management is a Premium and Enterprise-only feature compatible with company-managed projects. 

Jira Service Management allows teams to track their assets, configuration items, and other resources to visualize the relationships between these applications, their underlying infrastructure, and more. The open data structure and common language allow any team (e.g., Marketing, Legal, HR) to track and manage ITSM critical assets and resources. 

Incident Management 

Incident management is the process used to respond to unplanned downtime, critical incidents, or events, including restoring the service. One of the most popular ITIL-complaint methods of incident management is swarming. Instead of segmenting your IT teams and systems into service desk, technical teams, and ops teams, teams swarm around a single source of information. Multiple skills and perspectives can access network configuration and software details from the Insight Discovery Tool and address incidents when they occur. 

Insight Asset Management can differentiate external clients' allocation to assets, such as data hubs. By using Insight, the data can be used for trend reporting and post-mortems following an incident. Incident Management can also be personalized for external clients through client-level Incident Management Automation, providing individual tracking tickets.

Change Management

Change is always challenging to manage and communicate. Jira Service Management has built-in tools, such as an Issues Collector, to bring suggested and implemented changes to the surface. Change managers can view, implement, and assess suggestions. Changes are shifted to standard before entering the workflow as service requests and can be assigned, triaged, and progressed to the right team. Automating change management helps organizations achieve success, while improved transparency increases trust and efficiencies. 

Knowledge Management

Knowledge is power, which is why Confluence and JSM are designed to work together. You can create new knowledge base articles with a single click in the JSM configuration menu. Agents can add self-help documentation or post-incident reviews. By assembling essential learning resources, companies can prevent future outages or implement self-service opportunities for customers that streamline and improve request management. Use Confluence to round up information and use tools to automatically add content from existing Jira tickets to keep knowledge transparent and available. 

Service Management 

Every team can set up a service desk with relative ease in JSM to handle repetitive queries and provide peer-to-peer support without human interaction. 

The service catalog provides information about the live services available for deployment and makes it easier to streamline workflows. Users have to find their service requests and attach their queries and demands to the cataloged actions, making it easier for service teams to find and process. 

What Jira Service Management offers in an ITSM implementation

Atlassian’s Jira Service Management provides ITIL-certified incident, change, service, and knowledge management templates that allow teams to control the IT service component with out-of-the-box automation and workflows. 

Problems and incidents are linked, managed, explored, and resolved with a few simple clicks. ITIL enables organizations to implement ITSM without compromising on stability and efficiency, and if you want to embrace ITSM, Jira Service Management is the best tool for the job. 

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