We introduce: Jira Core & Jira Software from Atlassian

Jira Core and Jira Software are the world's most popular ticket management platforms and help you with project management and development
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What is Jira Core?

Jira is a web application developed by Atlassian for error management, problem handling and operational project management. Historically, Jira was used in software development, but has now also established itself in non-technical areas. These are covered by Jira Core. Jira Core is software that digitally maps operational project management.
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What is Jira Software?

JIra Software expands Jira Core with Scrum and Kanban boards. In addition, functions such as components and versions are designed for software development.

If Jira Core is used in the non-technical area, Jira Software is used in the technical area. Specifically, Jira Software is project management in the area of software development. Teams can digitally display their project work in Jira Software and thus monitor progress.

Project management and process control with Jira Core and Jira Software

Work smarter, more effectively and more cheaply in all projects. Avoid unnecessary redundancies, mass e-mails and increase your employee and customer satisfaction at the same time with transparent and central project control. Preparation, planning, execution, control and monitoring of projects in just one place, under an intuitive interface. Create and organize tasks in just a few steps or automate your redundant processes for your team or for the entire company.

Regardless of whether your company is a software development or a classic company, with Jira Core & Software you simplify your project management and process control. You plan, manage and control all your projects based on a classic ticket system. From small project teams to large projects with an unlimited number of users, Jira Core & Software offers you a permanent overview and control of your projects.

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Analysis, documentation, areas and evalutations

Planning, monitoring and ongoing evaluations enable you to implement your lessons learned analysis immediately and continuously in your projects. The integrated visual representation of real-time data makes the evaluation and optimization of projects easier than ever before.


Optimising processes in business teams

Jira is not limited to the organization and control of software development teams. It also facilitates the handling of typical company processes. Relieve and structure the processes in your business teams such as the HR department, purchasing or the marketing team. In the HR area, for example, you can track and control the personnel administration process from the receipt of the application to the time it is hired. Automate typical tasks and information management in the onboarding and offboarding process. Manage vacation requests and other HR requests. Everything with the highest level of security and in compliance with data protection requirements under personnel law. Depending on your requirements, we can configure individually for each business team and thus help to plan, control and implement all kinds of tasks and projects in an organized manner.


Easy procurement and asset management

Simplify your in-house requirements management - from the requirement, through the decision-making and approval process, to the acceptance of the delivery. Not only do you keep track of your newly acquired company objects, but also manage your existing goods and assets.


Simplify you content management as well as release and approval of documents

Manage corporate content, draft documents and creative content from draft to final publication in one place. Get document approvals and reviews, contract approval, internal rules, and other critical documents easier than ever.


Integration of chat tools like Slack

With the integration of chat tools like Slack you always stay up to date and receive automated notifications about the status of your Jira projects. Slack sends the notifications to the employees involved in the project. Of course, we can also create integrations with any other messenger services. At the same time, integrations with standard programs such as Word or Outlook are possible so that content from Atlassian products can also be shared via email.
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Digitize your business processes easier than ever before

By using Jira, there is no redundant calendar and appointment management as with Outlook. Jira automatically reminds you of your tasks through the integrated time management and project planning. With the issue calendar, Scrum and Kanban boards, you also always have an overview of the current status of your ongoing projects and the individual project phases. Get started now with today's agile methods. Kanban and Scrum are fully supported by Jira Software and all necessary requirements are already integrated. With Kanban boards you always have an overview and plan, prioritize and carry out your projects more agilely than ever before.

Jira Core & Software from Atlassian is used by over 35,000 satisfied customers worldwide and helps companies from all branches and branches of industry in their daily business. In addition to software developers such as HubSpot, government organizations such as NASA or companies such as AUDI, many well-known companies rely on Atlassian's products.
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