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Frankfurt am Main
With over one million inhabitants, Cologne is the fourth largest city in Germany. The city on the Rhine is located in North Rhine-Westphalia and is known for its important cathedral "Kölner Dom". Cologne is one of the most important tourist destinations in Europe and has a 2000-year history. The cathedral city is also one of the most important cities for the chemical and automotive industries. Cologne is home to numerous universities and universities of applied sciences, making it one of the most important education and research locations in western Germany.
With almost 600,000 inhabitants, Essen is the fourth largest city in North Rhine-Westphalia and is located in the well-known Ruhr region. The city is considered an important location for industry and business and is known for its history in steel production and coal mining. Today, Essen is home to numerous energy suppliers and leading companies in the real estate sector. Messe Essen is also an important factor in the economy and brings together industry experts from the centre of the Ruhr region.
With approximately 770,000 inhabitants, Frankfurt is the largest city in Hessen and the fifth largest city in Germany after Cologne. With the headquarters of the European Central Bank and many other headquarters of the finance and credit industry, Frankfurt am Main is known as one of the most important financial cities in the world. Furthermore, the city is considered an important trade fair centre where a wide variety of industries from all over the world come together. Last but not least, the optimal geopraphical location should be mentioned: With one of the largest airports in the world, Frankfurt is considered a European transport hub and is very easy to reach internationally.
Nuremberg is the second largest city in the Free State of Bavaria with a population of approx. 520,000 and is known for its multicultural society. Particularly noteworthy is the medieval architecture in the city centre, which attracts many tourists. In Germany, Nuremberg is considered a leading centre of the information and communication industry, which is why it is an important location due to the many industry experts. In addition, Nuremberg is a leader in the market research industry and is home to market research experts.
Hamburg is one of the most popular cities in Germany and, with 1.9 million inhabitants, the second largest city in Germany. With the Port of Hamburg and the international airport, Hamburg is one of the most important logistics locations in Germany. In the freight sector, too, the city of Hamburg is an indispensable infrastructure hub. With headquarters of leading publishing houses, Hamburg is also known as an important media city. In addition, the number of companies in the IT and telecommunications industry has increased significantly in Hamburg, making it an important business location in our sector.
Berlin is the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany and, with 3.7 million inhabitants, both the most populous and the largest city in Germany in terms of area. The capital is known as a cosmopolitan city due to its relevant history in the science and culture sectors. Berlin is known as the third-largest urban economy within Europe and is also recorded as the trade fair location with the highest turnover in the world. The information and communication technology sector recorded the largest share of turnover in Berlin's economy in 2017, making our office in the city a significant location.
Munich is the capital of the Free State of Bavaria and an internationally renowned city. The capital is popular for its centuries-old architecture in the old town and the annual Oktoberfest. The headquarters of numerous corporations makes Munich a significant part of the international economy. It should also be mentioned that Munich's economic power is one of the highest in Germany. Furthermore, Munich is a central location for important national and international technical universities and colleges.


The capital of Croatia is located in the northwest of the country and is known for its characteristic architecture, which is adorned with colourful roofs. With approximately 800,000 inhabitants, Zagreb is the largest city in Croatia, through which the famous Sava River flows. It is worth noting that Zagreb is the most important business location in Croatia and is particularly successful in the electrical engineering and trade sectors. From our central location in Zagreb, we manage important international projects and offer our customers international presence.
Split is the second largest city in Croatia with about 167,000 inhabitants and is located on the Adriatic coast. Among the citizens, Split is also considered the capital, as it is the largest city in southern Croatia. Split is a prestigious port city where it is worth having a presence. The shipbuilding and tourism sectors are the mainstays of the city's economy. Furthermore, Split lives from wine growing and the chemical industry.
The Croatian city is located on the Dalmatian coast and has around 76,000 inhabitants. Particularly well known is the old town of Split, which is characterised by Roman and Venetian ruins. Zadar is a port city and has good transport connections due to the international airport and a good road network. The small location completes our presence in Croatia.


Istanbul is located between Europe and Asia in western Turkey. With approximately 15.5 million inhabitants, Istanbul is one of the largest metropolitan regions in the world and is responsible for almost half of Turkey's total economic output. The economy in Istanbul is dominated by services in the areas of wholesale trade and the stock exchange. Furthermore, important information technology research institutes are located in Istanbul, which is why numerous researchers from the sector gather in Istanbul.

United Arab Emirates

Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, with a population of over three million, is the city where the economic and political life of the emirate takes place. The city is known for its extraordinary architecture and spectacular skyscrapers. Furthermore, Dubai is known as one of the most extensive commercial centres. Due to the extraordinary construction projects and spectacular skyscrapers, Dubai is an enormously growing economic factor.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mostar, with around 113,000 inhabitants, is the sixth largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is located in the south of the country. The administration and public service sectors are the mainstays of the city's economy. In addition, Mostar lives from fruit and wine growing due to the good climate and has a good standing in agriculture.
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