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Know-how is a company's most valuable resource. It is therefore important to manage this digitally and make it accessible throughout the company.
We help you reach your customers through all channels at the right time.
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The gamechanger for customer communication

Over 5 billion people read and write SMS and 2 billion people use WhatsApp as a communication platform. This is exactly why omnichannel engagement is now a must-have for all forward-thinking businesses. A powerful solution can help customers and partners manage the complexity of customer communication quickly and securely. Omnichannel communication enables companies to create more personalised customer engagement at all stages of the customer journey. 
Ensuring that customer journeys work across multiple channels and are optimized for the needs of different customer segments requires some effort. Customer engagement is a continuous process based on interaction with customers. Therefore, our solution ensures that you can communicate with your customer at the right moment via the right channel!


Our app OmniChat for Jira Service Management is a "gamechanger" for all Atlassian Jira Service Management users. From now on, you can reach your customers via their preferred communication channel. The solution has been developed to sustainably improve the customer experience. OmniChat enables real-time communication via the world's most popular chat apps WhatsApp or SMS.
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Improved customer engagement, satisfaction, and retention

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Improved conversion rates, increasing sales

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Optimize campaigns, and improved marketing ROI

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Increased brand trust and reputation

Learn how OmniChat and Jira Service Management can help you build meaningful, long-term customer relationships. We help you improve the dialog with your customers!

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Improve customer relationship management with venITure and Infobip

Together with Infobip, venITure has developed the unique app OmniChat. This is how we link Infobip's solutions with the Atlassian system structure. OmniChat is venITure's first product partnership with Infobip, a global leader in omnichannel communication. With more than 7 billion transactions per month, Infobip is a trusted partner for extending business messaging.

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