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Know-how is a company's most valuable resource. It is therefore important to manage this digitally and make it accessible throughout the company.
Atlassian tools form the ideal foundation for successful and efficient project management
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The key to long-term competitiveness

The IT industry is changing rapidly and there is a big need for high responsiveness and seamless communication structures, especially in international companies, where multiple subsidiaries, suppliers and buyers need to cooperate. Projects and arising tasks in such companies are complicated and segmented, not only physically but often virtually too. Different stakeholders use different systems to execute their tasks. Often this systems are either not integrated or inadequately connected and fail to consolidate information and work to ensure smooth business transactions. 

Companies are constantly confronted with new competitors, barriers and conditions and need to use their full potential to keep the pace. Therefore companies need to setup holistic project management structures to ensure seemless communication, high responsiveness and visibility to keep themselves in this ever changing market.

Our Solution

Project management is a super ordinated term, which encompasses the key operations of initiation, planning, monitoring, controlling, communicating, and closing out costs and schedules. These operations need to be unified and managed across all departments across the whole supply chain to enable the company to maintain oversight and scale. The prerequisite for this unification is an environment, which enables the consolidation and management of information and tasks across the strategic, tactical, and operational levels. 

Consolidating and managing tasks for all management levels in one platform and working together in one place is hardly possible for any company. Commonly multiple systems need to be employed and integrated. But integrating multiple systems to improve communication and information exchange is not easy, especially in multinational companies, where different standards and working cultures need to be mapped and integrated.
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Jira, extended with our app suit, provides a coherent structure for all parts of the company and a place to work together. There is no need for integration anymore and transactions are carried out seamlessly. With the deep integration of Advanced Roadmap our solution is capable to combine resource planning, budget planning and monitoring. 

Our solution provides a unified platform for the whole supply chain. It represents a single source of truth for all stakeholders and a place where they are able to work together without any media breaks or the need to switch platforms. For this purpose we greatly enhanced the customizability of Jira. Our apps provide several opportunities to adjust the user interface, define layouts, and extent information processing capabilities. You are able to tailor multiple perspectives and define which teams, groups, operational or strategic levels are able to see which information in which form. All members of the supply chain are able to manage tasks and projects, define goals and targets and control and report on all available information in one coherent system, without the risk of loosing or leaking information.

Why you should decide for venITure and Atlassian?

Atlassian is adopting the visionary approach of overcoming all restrictions limiting cooperation and communication along the value chain of companies. The fruit of their lasting efforts is a product suit, which enables us to build holistic structures for the management of information and processes across company bounderies. 

Common solutions regarding Atlassian products tend to focus on specific departments or areas of expertise. Whereas our solution aims to establish Jira as a uniform platform within and among companies in the supply chain. As this solution is prepared as universal kit to include all parties, there are hardly any restrictions. This solution can be extended with any other Atlassian product and any apps, available in the Atlassian marketplace.


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