Atlassian License Management

Buying Atlassian licenses from venITure is transparent, easy and cost-effective. We find the tailor-made license model for your needs. We not only advise you on the purchase of your Atlassian software, but also manage your Atlassian licenses on an ongoing basis.
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Unlimited number of users 

The pricing of licenses to use Atlassian products is simply and fairly based on the number of users. Whether you work with your Atlassian products via a cloud solution or use an on-premise solution, we will find the right licensing solution for your needs.

Cost-effective and simple billing 

True to our full-service consulting approach, you will receive an invoice from us, venITure GmbH, on the agreed payment date, naturally with VAT shown, in euros and in accordance with German law. No credit card costs, no exchange rate risks or foreign currency fees.

Efficient Atlassian license support

Do you have licences for Jira Core and Jira Software? Plus countless apps? We analyse and advise you on an ongoing basis which software and apps you really need or whether you can combine apps to reduce your licensing costs.

Professional and free advice for your Atlassian licenses

Of course, we keep track of your license periods and expiry dates and remind you in good time about upcoming renewals. In doing so, we will always find the most cost-effective option for your needs. With our one-stop license management, we also keep an eye on your costs. We show you the current and future license costs transparently at all times.

Full support from Atlassian & personal support from venITure

Atlassian support offers fast and competent help, but only via email or a publicly accessible Jira instance. This means that you often have to reproduce problems and errors in a time-consuming manner. Our venITure support, on the other hand, is direct and personal. This means we can solve problems immediately and help you at any time!

You want to order Atlassian licenses?

We offer the perfect and at the same time cost-effective alternative to buying directly from Atlassian. We would be happy to advise you on your license purchase and management without obligation and free of charge. We look forward to talking to you! 


Atlassian License Review

Do you already have licenses for one or more Atlassian products or apps? Then take advantage of our comprehensive license review now. We will check and analyse your current license portfolio and advise you on whether a more effective or more cost-effective license structure is an option for you. We keep track of everything for you and provide you with long-term planning security. Do not renew different individual licenses every month, but let us bundle your licenses on a fixed and uniform date (co-termination). This simplifies your cost calculation, billing and thus your everyday work, because you only have to decide once a year. We do everything else.
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Atlassian licenses for public tenders and state institutions

venITure's lisence management and other services are of course also available to the public sector at federal and state level. venITure regularly participates in public tenders throughout Europe. In addition, our services are also competitive in private treaty procedures under EU threshold values. Particularly with regard to the different value limits and tender limits in the private treaty procedure according to VOL/A, we are able to submit competitive offers with our pricing even before the contract is awarded. We support the federal, state and local governments as they move into the future in the field of information and communication technology (ICT). If you are a representative of the public sector, enquire with us today without obligation and let us convince you of our offer.

FAQs about Atlassian Licenses in the Cloud and Data Center 

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How do I determine the correct user tier?

The size of the Atlassian license depends on the number of active users. Active users are all the people who have been assigned a license and are therefore allowed to log into the system.

What do I get with the license?

With the license you receive the right to use the respective Atlassian product for an unlimited period of time. This also includes software support for 12 months from the date of purchase. Support means that you can download any security and system updates released during this period free of charge and make use of the English-speaking Atlassian support.

What happens after the license expires?

There is a difference between server and cloud licenses. With the cloud, the instance is switched off. However, you have a certain amount of time to renew the license. With a server instance, you can continue to use the product as usual. Only you can no longer install new updates. If you try to do so, the system will put itself into a read-only mode. venITure recommends that you carry out system updates regularly. Which update interval is best for which product can be clarified in more detail with our consultants.

How do I extend the license?

As a rule, the support period is extended for a further twelve months. These so-called renewals cost only 50% of the new purchase price of an Atlassian license. If you have purchased many different products at different times, you will also have different expiry dates. venITure can use co-termination to align all licenses to a common expiry date.

What happens if I have too many users?

With the server instance, the system automatically switches to a read-only mode until you have adjusted the users according to your license.

Are there discounts for Atlassian licenses like Jira & Confluence? 

Atlassian offers special pricing for registered non-profit organisations, for technical colleges or universities, for open source projects and certified Atlassian partners. So as an Atlassian Platinum & Enterprise Solution Partner, we can offer you exclusive discounts. 
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