We introduce: The Atlassian tool Jira Align

With Jira Align, Atlassian provides the ideal tool for implementing agility on a large scale
Illustration Jira Align


What is Jira Align?

Jira Align is the optimal solution for agility in big companies. Jira Align supports the agile transformation of your company through the comprehensive networking of acting persons and teams. Proven agile frameworks such as SAFe, LeSS or SCRUM@Scale are fully supported and displayed digitally. You can also seamlessly integrate any existing Jira software instance. With Jira Align, teams and managers have access to all relevant information, dependencies and processes at all times - without loss of time or time-consuming information procurement. 

Why you should use Jira Align to scale agility

Agile methods and agile tools have been used successfully in software development for a while now. But the idea of scaling agile methods and tools across business teams to enterprise level is new. Many companies have already implemented this idea and are managing their business in an agile way. However, most companies still miss a truly efficient and strategic approach to implement agile principles in a sustainable way. 

Jira Align is a dedicated business tool for Scaled Agile. Due to this fact, it is not limited to a Scaled Framework like SAFe®, but is an important tool to scale Agile in any way. Our analysis has clearly shown that no other solution offers so many and at the same time different functions that cover all requirements of all levels of the company. An extensive authorisation scheme allows the tool to be used across the entire organisation. In this way, Jira Align enables the implementation of agile practices in all teams - not only in IT, but also in portfolio management, product management, human resources, etc. Jira Align is also designed to handle Big Data, which can be imported from various sources such as: Jira, Trello and Azure Dev Ops. This way you can centralise all your data in one platform.
Ensuring a high level of innovation and market success
Fast and successful adaptation to constantly changing customer requirements
Jira Align helps you deliver customisable solutions across all digital touchpoints
Simplify team collaboration across different time zones and regions 
Establishing technology as an enabler for other business teams 
Enabling all teams to become more flexible, creative and innovative in their work

Top 9 Features of Jira Align 

Makes all work visible and transparent. "Why" icon explains why a task is important right now
Fulfil the requirement of lean portfolio management through budget options Plan, track and monitor budgets at every level
Create a dashboard for each hierarchical level of the company
Ideas portal so the entire company can submit features 
Capacity planning and reporting
Real-time cost tracking across all elements and hierarchies of the enterprise
Depency map to show the dependencies at different levels between tasks and teams
Extensive dependency tracking with dependency approvals
Value tracking: Measure results in real time
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