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Know-how is a company's most valuable resource. It is therefore important to manage this digitally and make it accessible throughout the company.
In addition to SAFe, LeSS is also a framework for scaling agility in your organization and thus making processes and teams ready for the future
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Launch Agile Transformation with LeSS

LeSS is the answer to the question: How can we scale Scrum in large organisations without losing its strengths? The Large Scale Scrum Framework, abbreviated LeSS, is a framework for agile and cross-disciplinary collaboration in teams. Here, the principle of Scrum is applied to many teams working together on a product or project. This allows you to divide and assign responsibilities in a more agile way. At the same time, a customer-oriented and transparent organisation and development is guaranteed. Projects in development teams can be designed efficiently with the help of LeSS, which is why LeSS is particularly suitable for large-scale software development. 
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Advantages of LeSS 

LeSS is Scrum at scale 
Scaling agility
High transparency in processes 
Product focus 
Customer centricity 
Continuous improvement of the offer 
Systematic thinking
Empirical process control 

Implement LeSS with Atlassian Tools

In today's world, companies need to be able to adapt quickly and seize opportunities as they arise. Therefore, agility has become indispensable in the company in order to operate competitively. Numerous studies show the positive impact of agile strategies on business results and employee satisfaction. Post-Its are great, but with the right tools you can achieve more agile performance! We are happy to help you implement LeSS. Depending on your individual requirements, we will use Jira Software or Jira Align. We look forward to a free initial consultation with you.


This is how we will implement LeSS 

The Scrum, LeSS and LeSS Huge models can be used by all companies to establish and scale agility. The implementation of the frameworks always depends on your requirements and wishes. We recommend companies to start with the Scrum model in order to start with the team culture and gain enough experience in the agile environment first. The next step is to scale up with LeSS. The standard LeSS framework covers up to eight development teams. LeSS Huge is suitable for large companies and can map the entire organisational structure from a number of eight development teams.

We support you throughout the entire transformation process towards more agility, With our Atlassian tools, we offer you the ideal foundation for agility. Through extensions and individualisation of the software solutions, we guarantee you tools tailored specifically to your requirements.
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Implement LeSS with Atlassian Tools

We are happy to help you implement LeSS. Depending on your individual requirements requirements, we will use Jira Software or Jira Align. We look forward to a initial discussion with you free of charge.
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Why scale Agile with venITure and Atlassian? 

We support companies in effectively scaling agile within their organisation and in implementing their individual business requirements. Following 10 LeSS principles, we help companies create more accountable teams with a focus on the customer and collaboration. Our LeSS-certified consultants offer comprehensive advice and guide you in implementing a strategy designed for your business.
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