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Know-how is a company's most valuable resource. It is therefore important to manage this digitally and make it accessible throughout the company.
Digitization is a requirement for intelligent and cost-effective process control in your company
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Process digitization

This is why it is time to digitize your processes

Digitization has since long become indispensable. In order to remain relevant as a company, intelligent process control based on current trends and developments must be in place. Often the focus of many companies in process digitization is initially limited to core processes, which means that more complex processes in digital implementation are disregarded. However, taking these processes into account also offers enormous potential.
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Why you should rely on digital processes now:


Increase in productivity through standardization of processes


Effective use of established UI


Concepts to increase user-friendliness


Focus on clarity


Effective use of rationalization and scaling effects




Crisis security

Process digitization

Process digitization encompasses the entire management of processes within software. Different user processes can be edited and managed at the same time through authorizations.

Among other things, these can be simple processes, such as documentation that is recorded within a meeting. Instead of a physical directory that can only be edited by one person at a time, a digital directory will be implemented, in which a number of users can access and edit the same information at different times.


Together we will tackle your process digitization

We tackle your process digitization with technical innovations that enable international cooperation. venITure has set itself the task of promoting process digitization in your company. Be it to support you in planning and implementation or to prevent possible risks in the course of implementation.

Below you will find an insight into 7 common steps that are implemented as part of process digitization and in which we accompany and support you:

Visualize and analyze processes

In order to digitize and optimize processes, processes must be visualized. The focus here is on the analysis of workflows in order to simplify them in the long term. When visualizing processes, above all risks and potential for improvement become clear. Of course, we talk to your employees in order to actively involve them in the process and to force employee engagement. We then accompany you in documenting the results of the process visualization. The aim here is to increase transparency.

Evaluate the cost / benefit factor of process digitization

Process digitization is a complex, time-consuming and costly project. That is why we work with you to define the focus of the project for the digitization of your company processes.

Prioritize processes

Individual processes have a high priority and are carried out more frequently than others. Together with you and your employees, we prioritize the individual processes and thus guarantee successful and structured digitization!

Implement process digitization

Implementation is now starting. From here the possibility of optimizing and further digitizing of processes begins step by step.

Implementation of reports

We can easily call up all data and key figures known to the system using reports, so your data is always available to you. It is possible to expand reporting functions as required with third-party apps. This means that we can adapt reports to the needs of your company and implement them individually.

Design of an individual solution

We design your virtual appearance according to your wishes and needs. With a new digital presence, you will not only please your employees, you will also gain new customers more easily and set yourself apart from your competitors.

Create processes with high flexibility and availability

We not only protect your services from failures, but also enable flexible processes to be designed. In this way you create an agile and flexible working environment for your employees and thus guarantee a higher work-life balance.

Why can you rely on venITure?

As an Atlassian Enterprise Platinum Solution Partner, venITure is at your side as a strong partner to support you in process digitization. Through the partnership with Atlassian, we have access to strong tools such as Jira and Confluence, which not only support IT teams, but are so versatile that we can easily integrate them into other areas such as controlling, accounting, purchasing or production planning can. 


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