Inter-departmental task management

Know-how is a company's most valuable resource. It is therefore important to manage this digitally and make it accessible throughout the company.
Our unique solution with Atlassian Tools enables efficient and agile collaboration in all teams in your organization
Task management


That's why you need task management

Task management and progress go hand in hand. At a time when tasks are becoming more and more complex and varied, departments not only have to find the right workflow processes, but also use intelligent task management to ensure that the workload is distributed appropriately without tasks being systematically neglected.
Intelligent task management must therefore create an overview of tasks and be able to map the complexity of these tasks so that they can be planned, monitored and processed. However, the complexity and scope of the task landscapes concerned are not stable over time and require processes for continuous improvement.

Our solution for you

Task management has three major challenges that must be overcome for smooth teamwork. We meet these challenges with the targeted use of Atlassian products. Our solution is designed in such a way that it offers a broad foundation with numerous customization options.

Creating transparency: Information must be saved and made available across all borders. At the same time, different authorization rules have to take effect in order to control the flow of information in a targeted manner. We create ideal structures for your company by using a clever combination of the products Jira Software, Confluence and apps such as IssueLayout and vLinks. We can define individual processes along the entire value chain, integrate external systems and manage all types of information. This is how we create a "Single Source of Truth" for all teams.
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Individual access authorizations: If the necessary transparency is guaranteed, structures for the management of information must be introduced. With Jira Software and Confluence, we have six levels in which we can flexibly manage the view and editability of information. Authorizations can be managed at the area, project or task level and also in individual task steps. With the IssueLayout app, we can also define context-related layouts and thus determine which information should be displayed in which form.

Automation of recurring tasks: Standardized systems are rarely able to automate tasks across departments, while individual solutions are associated with high costs and in turn can react poorly to future changes. Jira Software and Confluence offer environments that contain the advantages of both system variants. These Atlassian products provide structures and tools with which system environments can be adapted and individualized. Tasks can be designed and specified individually. We can define templates for each team and for each area and thus automate work processes in order to drastically reduce the costs for recurring tasks in the long term.

Why work with venITure and Atlassian?

Atlassian has a clear mission: to bring teams together across national and international borders. To this end, Atlassian has built up a versatile system landscape over the past few years. With the help of these products, various structures and processes are defined. In this way, together with Atlassian Tools, we create a high level of transparency along the entire value chain of companies and at the same time promote collaboration between teams.

As an Atlassian Enterprise Platinum Solution Partner, venITure has already gained a lot of experience in the design, implementation and introduction of established task management platforms. With Atlassian products we are able to offer standardized and tailor-made solutions. A wide range of Atlassian knowledge, as well as various recognized methodologies, enable us to find efficient and long-lasting solutions for problems in any subject area.


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