The right tools for home office productivity

Know-how is a company's most valuable resource. It is therefore important to manage this digitally and make it accessible throughout the company.

To make the most of home office opportunities, you need to provide your employees with the right tools

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Why home office is an opportunity

Flexible working hours and the possibility to work from home are nowadays a requirement for a modern corporate culture. A flexible workplace increases employer attractiveness and also shows that the company is future-oriented. Studies show that employees work more productively in home office. To reap the benefits of home office, companies need to provide their employees with the right tools.

Our home office solution for you

Tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams and Zoom provide a great way for you to communicate online in a secure way. With these tools, flexible communication from home is easy to implement. However, when using these tools, the question often arises as to where you can check meeting notes or the status of various tasks, for example. This is where our solutions with Atlassian come into play. 

We combine Atlassian tools specifically adapted to your needs! Thus, we offer a home office solution that allows remote working anywhere and at any time. In doing so, we ensure that we offer your employees a unique user experience. 
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Why you should trust venITure and Atlassian?

As an official Atlassian Platinum & Enterprise Solution Partner, we have experience with both small and large companies. Our certified employees process every request based on the individual wishes of our customers. 

When using all Atlassian tools and especially when implementing a home office environment, it is important that on-boarding is intuitive. The priority of Atlassian and venITure is a smooth user experience. The combination of Atlassian tools and the in-depth knowledge of our consultants allows us to offer you a solution that involves all end users, meets all your requirements and can be used efficiently by every employee.


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